About Us

Delanes focuses on women's wear fashion brand that is inspired by menswear. Providing wardrobe staple pieces to make it personal to fulfill your fashion style needs. Launched in 2020, It defines dualities - masculine and feminine, strong and soft, tailored and relaxed with a touch of creativity, creating between staples to modern statements. It brings the transformations of both contemporary and classic items. Delanes focuses on 3 main things: personalization, affordability and functionality. The main focus/synonym of the brand is the shirt. 

The founder of Delanes finds that shirt brings each of dualities: feminine and masculine, easy and neat, casual and formal, modern and classic, etc. The name Delanes is found from the founder’s last name, which translates to ‘Delapan Indonesia’, Delapan means eight, the month of August when she was born and raised in Indonesia that inspires the ‘duality’. Made in Indonesia with pride.