DIY Duckbill Face Mask!

Download the link of the template here:

With the planet now dealing with COVID-19 infection, wearing face mask will likely be the standard. Whether you choose to use face mask for when you have
 cold, traveling around, recovering from chemotherapy or other diseases, work related purposes, allergies, it is the government rule* now to wear a mask when you stepped outside of your home. We have provide the duckbill style face mask as it fits better to the face without having any big holes on sides. Furthermore, it looks neat and clean without looking too bulky like other styles of masks. The mask are designed to fit perfectly to your nose.

Below are the ways to make your own masks, tips and tricks to make the perfect face masks should you wish to design/ make one.

- Number #1 Downloaded Delanes Non-Surgical Face Mask as purpose for outer lining
- Number #2 Downloaded Delanes Non-Surgical Face Mask as purpose for inner lining
- Fabric (You can use repurposed scarves or any clothing, preferably 100% cotton fabrics as recommended for a face mask as it is comfortable and breathable)
- Ruler
- Cutting tools such as Scissors or Portable fabric cutter
- Marking tools such as pens or marker
- Pins
- 2 elastics (elastic bands 24cm)
- Needle / Sewing thread
Optional Tools
- 10cm Metal wiring (for nose bridge)
- 3rd fabric made by #1 Downloaded Delanes Face Mask Template for 3rd Ply

1. Download and cut through the outline of Pattern Delanes Non-Surgical Duckbill Face Mask No. 1 and No. 2 with the link given above. (Download them in A4 paper with scale 100%. Do not 'Fit to Scale')
2. Fold the fabric (top and bottom, 2 layers)
3. Pin the template and in the fabrics together, cut outside the lines (this is to make cutting much much easier for the next step)
4. Cut fabric according to pattern, leaving 0.5cm for seam allowance
5. Sew the curved edges of the pattern only
6. Take the pins out, cut through the curved edges horizontally (so it would be less bulky when you wear it!)
7. Take Pattern No. 2 and sew the outer edges for inner lining
8. Pin Pattern No. 1 and Pattern No.2 together with right side of fabric facing each other
9. Sew along top and bottom only
10. Turn fabric inside out
11. Sew each elastic band (or if you guys have a elastic band already skip this
12. Attach the elastic band to each sides of the mask and sew top stitch on top of the elastic band so it stay put.

Hopefully this steps helps to those who are in need of masks!